Curiosity. Confidence. Courage. Constancy.

Bria Yifei Yan is currently a PhD candidate at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore. Her main research interests lie on the tripod of “governance and accountability”, “education and development” and “China and India”. She considers herself lucky to have all three combined in her dissertation, to be defended in March 2019, which examines teacher in-service training and career development as supportive accountability mechanisms in government middle schools in Beijing and Delhi. Other forms of combination and extension in her previous research projects include urban-rural disparity in China’s health care, role of ideas in the governance of the Brahmaputra, and anti-corruption facilitators in India and China. As a scholar who has aspired to make the world a better place ever since teenage days, she endeavors to be especially familiar with the Chinese and Indian contexts, acquainted with situations in other developing nations, and knowledgeable about the experience of developed countries.

Besides striving for academic excellence, she firmly believes in the ancient Chinese wisdom that travelling ten thousand miles is as important as reading ten thousand books. Hoping to live that endearing wisdom, she has so far spread her footprints in 30 countries across six continents. It gives her immense joy to see the figures as well as the experiences behind, which is more important, still growing strong (proudly counting South Korea as her next destination!) Her travel books on India (Delhi, Agra and Rajasthan), Israel and Belgium, have been published and widely-read on, one of the most renowned online portals for backpack travelers in China.

This blog mainly contains a collection of her other travelogues of Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Nepal, Norway and Thailand. One can also find here posts on movies, music and books, which she regularly contributes to Chinese-language media in both Singapore and mainland China.

She holds master degrees (with distinction) from the Erasmus Mundus program of European Master in Law and Economics and bachelor degrees from Fudan University, Shanghai, China, where she was born and bred and still cherishes as “home”.


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  1. Hi, I’ve left u a message at douban and then i found your blog here. I really like your narrative on dharavi and hope to get to know you. I’m also familier with Dharavi not as a tourism but as a researcher, it is one of my case study for my dissertation.

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